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Vinayak Dravid named Fellow to the:
- American Physical Society
- American Association for the Advancement of Science, Engineering Section
- Materials Research Society

Mark Hersam named the 2010 MRS Outstanding Young Investigator “for pioneering research on the physics, chemistry, and engineering of nanoelectronic materials and devices, including solution-phase techniques for sorting carbon nanotubes and graphene, and for organic functionalization and nanopatterning of semiconductor surfaces."

Harold Kung awarded the ACS Somorjai Award for innovative research in catalysis.

Tobin J. Marks awarded the:
- Dreyfus Prize in Chemical Sciences, one of the largest awards in chemistry.
- 2010 American Chemical Society (ACS) William H. Nichols Medal
- Distinguished Affiliated Professor Award, Technical University of Munich, 2010
- Wilhelm Manchot Prize, Technical University of Munich, 2010
- Kilpatrick Lecturer, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2010

Peter C. Stair awarded the 2010 ACS Award in Hydrocarbon/Petroleum Chemistry.

Richard Van Duyne, ICEP Faculty Member, is the recipient of the:
- 2010 ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry
- Bomem-Michelson Award, Coblentz Society

Christopher Wolverton named Fellow, American Physical Society.

Vinayak Dravid elected Fellow, Microscopy Society of America.
Franz Geiger named Tour Speaker, Society for Applied Spectroscopy.

Department of Energy to establish Energy Frontier Research Centers at Argonne National Laboratory. The EFRCs, which will pursue advanced scientific research on energy, are being established by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science at universities, national laboratories, nonprofit organizations, and private firms across the nation.

Northwestern University's Catalysis Center will be awarded a subcontract for the Institute for
Atom-efficient Chemical Transformations
. The funding award will allow IACT to use a multidisciplinary approach to address key catalytic conversions that could improve the efficiency of producing fuels from coal and biomass. IACT will focus on advancing the science of catalysis for the efficient conversion of energy resources into usable forms.


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