Industrial Affiliates Program

The Center offers an Industrial Affiliates Program with the following benefits:
Shared Research
Researchers of Industrial Affiliates are invited to work with Center researchers, learning about the methods, techniques, and approaches developed at Northwestern. For a modest fee, Affiliate researchers can participate in focused laboratory training. Multi-investigator, sponsored research projects can be organized.

Analytical Services

Coordinated, multi-technique catalyst characterization can be arranged on a fee basis.


On Site Courses

An Industrial Affiliate can request that Faculty Members of the Center teach a short course at a location convenient for the Affiliate.

Current short courses include:

  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Survey of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Science
  • Introduction to Catalytical Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Surface Chemical Physics
  • In-situ Catalyst Characterization

Input into Research Directions

Industrial Affiliates act as the reviewers of Center-sponsored, seed research projects. Industrial Affiliates also make recommendations for research projects and share their visions for the future of the Center at the Annual Business Meeting.

Seminar Series

Affiliates are invited to the Center's weekly seminar program. The seminars will be available electronically, over the Internet.

Annual Scientific Meeting

Industrial Affiliates are invited to the Center's Annual Scientific Meeting held each August/September. Oral presentations at the Meeting are organized around a particular area of catalysis with lectures given by internationally recognized experts. A poster session by graduate students and postdoctoral associates provide a preview of the latest Center research prior to publication.



Affiliate members receive an Annual Report that details current research projects and summarizes manuscripts and published papers on Center research. Affiliates receive copies of unpublished papers on request. Affiliates members also receive the Center's semiannual Newsletter.

Center's Industrial Affiliates


The contacts of the managers, scientists, and engineers of affiliate companies with the Center members, their postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students often result in even greater mutual benefits - - for instance, collaborative research or a sponsored research program on an objective of direct interest to a particular company or consulting firm.

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