The Center's publications consists of an Annual Report and a bi-annual Newsletter.

Topics covered in most recent newsletters includes:

  Issue No. 19, Fall 2009-Spring 2010
  • Catalytically Active MOFs with Metallaporphyrin Struts (J.T. Hupp, S.T. Nguyen)
  • Modeling Epoxidation Catalysts: Towards Rational Catalyst Design (L. Broadbelt, R. Snurr

Issue No. 18, Fall 2007
  • Efficient and Selective Al-Catalyzed Alcohol Oxidation via Oppenauer Chemistry (S. T. Nguyen);
  • Cleaning the Air We Breathe (F. Geiger, E. Weitz);
  • Developing New Catalytic Structures - Nanocages (H. Kung, M. Kung);
  • Atomic-Scale View of Redox-Induced Reversible Changes to a Metal Oxide Catalytic Surface:
    img2-Fe2O3(0001) (M. Bedzyk, P. Stair)

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